Sony Pictures Entertainment discusses latest eco-packaging developments (DVDs) & greener CD packaging in the UK

Read interview with Sony’s Executive Director of Production Services, Thom Dohner, on Eco Packaging Performance and Future Developments here and watch the video on our video page.

This is an interesting development, given Julies Bicycle's work in the UK on CD packaging: "CD packaging is one of the music industry’s largest sources of direct GHG emissions, accounting for a third of recording and publishing, and at least 10% of the total emissions, from the UK music market."

Arup (where I worked for 3 years) did a study on carbon emissions of CD packaging for JB, discovering that if CD packaging was switched from plastic to cardboard, carbon emissions could be reduced by up to 95%. Download the Executive Summary here.

For those of you interested in "Digital music behaviour and user perceptions of carbon impacts", download the Cranfield report here.

A good overview response is the Julies Bicycle report "The carbon impacts of recorded music production in a time of transition" available for download here. (Please note you will have to register at Julies Bicycle to view or download full reports):

"This paper is a position piece in response to the small number of research documents... that examine energy use and carbon reduction associated with recorded music, with an emphasis on digital. It specifically recommends some further research into downloading and streaming. While this piece is focused on music it does have relevance for a much wider creative community. The creative industries are rapidly shifting to digital, and in that context we need to examine the impacts of the new business models and listening behaviours so that we can match the force of digital with the interests of a low carbon infrastructure."

Also see the Julies Bicycle Industry Greening ("Ig") certification for CDs, venues, festivals and offices.

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