from the Radiator Factory Youth Arts Centre/The World Wide Words Festival in Denmark


Dear Culture Futures friends,

Just a couple of words of response to the many thought-provoking interventions that Culture Futures Seminar presented.

The words are in the form of both information and invitation, and emphasise areas which I believe are of the utmost importance with regard to Culture Futures, and bring together the following: networks, youth, socio-artistic work and environmental responsibility.

Best wishes and many thanks,

Peter Campbell Bensted
Director – The Radiator Factory Youth Arts Centre (Radiatorfabrikken), DK
Artistic Director – World Wide Words Festival, DK

Information 1: The Radiator Factory

The Radiator Factory Youth Arts Centre (Radiatorfabrikken/RF) opened in August 2008 in the city of Herlev on the edges of Copenhagen. RF emphasises socio-artistic work with young people (15 to 25 years) – often on the periphery of society. RF employs a group of Cultural Pilots – with a wide variety of professional cultural/pedagogical backgrounds – who engage young people in cross-disciplinary cultural work that will ”let hidden voices speak”.

The methodology aims to create an interface between the young people and the Cultural Pilots which allows both parts to be equally responsible for the development of cultural projects which will reflect, and reflect upon, the challenges of contemporary society.

RF was very proud to recently be chosen - as one of 12 youth performance groups from around the world - to take part in the Contacting the World 2010 Youth Arts Festival (Contact Theatre) in Manchester, UK.

As part of the selection process RF produced a video-diary about how we would tackle the performance challenge for Manchester. The video-diary was the start of a development process building on the relationship between culture, climate and the present/future of street/city youth life.

An example of this work was the collaboration between a group of young rappers and street dancers from RF and the C02 neutral KarmaKanon – a sound system built on a bicycle powered by both sun and pedal-power!

We look forward now to developing an environmentally friendly and multi-disciplinary performance project for Manchester which will examine street/youth city life - with added environmental responsibility!!

Invitation 1:

We would like to invite artists and environmentalists who could be interested in knowing about our working processes or who wish to contribute directly or indirectly to the further development of our work in this area to contact us.

Contact: Peter Campbell Bensted (Director)
The Radiator Factory (Radiatorfabrikken)

Information 2:

World Wide Words (WWW) is a brand-new international festival celebrating the innovation, diversity and power of written, spoken and digital words in the 21st century. The very first festival presents an international programme of performances, readings, workshops and research (in both virtual and real worlds) throughout 2009/2010, but culminates in the last week of August 2010 with five unique days of words, music, imagination, laughter, exploration, and – above all – fun. The festival takes place in the buildings and grounds of the country estate Rønnebæksholm, just outside the city of Næstved in southern Denmark - the home of the father figure of modern Danish life, the poet, writer and educationalist N.S. Grundtvig. The festival offers particularly young people (15 to 35 years) the chance to challenge the way they think about words, giving them the opportunity to dive into a world of words, meeting international writers, performers and other artists in new settings! WWW aims to be environmentally responsible in all aspects and phases of its activities.

Inspired by the Culture Futures Seminar the festival aims – apart from our general environmentally responsible profile - to create a specific cluster of activities where spoken, performed and written words will deal with issues of environmental responsibility via performance, workshops and discussions.

The Invitation 2:

We would like to invite artists, cultural operators, environmentalists and others who could be interested in contributing directly or indirectly to the further development of our work in this area to contact us.

Contact: Peter Campbell Bensted (Artistic Director)
World Wide Words
(please note this website is first fully open from 17 December 2009)

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