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CultureIFutures Milan - Update


Design, Fashion, Food and Innovation in the newly born Ecological Age

Sala Alessi - Palazzo Marino, Milan

October 19th 2011


Culture|Futures & Ragnarock

Ragnarock is a non-profit Association created with the intention of improving our society through intercultural exchange between different countries. Every year Ragnarock…


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2020 Network of 6 European organisations: "Thin Ice - Art & Climate Change"

From the solar-powered 2020 website:

"For six European arts…

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Spotlight on C|F member Cathy Fitzgerald and musings on Action vs Inaction

It was heartening to re-read Cathy Fitzgerald's Art and Ecology notebook blog post on Culture|Futures. Cathy is clearly an advocate for the culture sector to fully take on the role of catalyst towards a Ecological Age. Cathy's article is also a call to action to friends in Ireland: "… Continue

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Launch of Long Horizons: An Exploration of Art + Climate Change

On Monday 15th Feb I attended the launch of Long Horizons:

"A collection of personal reflections about art, artists and climate change" commissioned by the British Council and curated by Julies Bicycle.

The book of essays contains contributions…

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New sustainability game show in India! "Green Kerala Express"

New Delhi, India (CNN) -- A new game show in India will award… Continue

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Designer Vivienne Westwood says "There is a real connection between culture and climate change"

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is behind a new web campaign to attract ideas and suggestions from Londoners on how to deal with climate change. This is a clever approach of introducing Londoners to the concept of climate change…

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New Britcom film about climate change: "Beyond The Pole"

"Perhaps inevitably, climate change has been slow to creep into the creative arts, despite its 30 years at the heart of the environmental debate. One or two…


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Summer '09: Nairobi festivals go green for UN climate campaign

This is a press release I found when surfing - I have doctored it by adding links and comments; see original version here:

Nairobi, 31 July 2009 - On 31 July the Storymoja Hay Festival made history by bringing the global event to Africa. The three-day festival brought… Continue

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Sony Pictures Entertainment discusses latest eco-packaging developments (DVDs) & greener CD packaging in the UK

Read interview with Sony’s Executive Director of Production Services, Thom Dohner, on Eco Packaging Performance and Future Developments here and watch the video on our video page.

This is an interesting development, given Julies Bicycle's work in… Continue

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Hilarious climate change radio play: "Carbon Cleansing"

I just listened to a very amusing BBC Radio 4 afternoon play, Carbon Cleansing: "When ex-banker Tabitha knocks green activist Will off his bicycle with her 'Chelsea Tractor' (SUV), two worlds literally collide."

I disturbingly identified with elements of not only activist Will, but also the awful Tabby. Sigh.

Favourite quote: "Making fashionable tokenistic gestures just doesn't cut it"

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C|F comes of age - our first spammer!

Hi All - Season's Greetings!

Apologies if you received a message from "Rose" that offered you eternal love / riches beyond your wildest dreams. Sadly, rose was all thorns so we had to let him / her go. Banned. Please do let me know if you spot any other bad behaviour.

Thanks, and hear's to a wonderful 2010!

- Juhi

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Hear what BSkyB CEO Jeremy Darroch has to say about sustainability

This 5 minute podcast from Ethical Corporation shows how major media company BSkyB is embedding sustainability into its practices and how it is using its brand to help young people with learning difficulties. CEO Jeremy Darroch doesn't even mention BSkyB's new studios, Harlequin 1, designed by my friends… Continue

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Inhabitat interview: A COP15 Arts Wrap-up with Patricia Watts

See this inhabitat ("green design will save the world") interview with ecoartspace founder Patricia Watts

Click here for interview.

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China conference on sustainable urban development

See the China Europa Forum for info.

Programme here

...It's a shame it's not a virtual conference - I can't see any mention of it being run sustainably!

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with BMW Group: COP 15 public symposium "Where do we go from here?"

Extract from: Where do we go from here? Networked_Performance Blog

On the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15), the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with BMW Group, invites the public to an open symposium comprising international names in the fields of architecture, design, contemporary art and technology. The… Continue

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Highlights of first day at culture|futures 09 - "Not [just] works of art, but art that works"

Here are some highlights from a fantastic and positive first day, venue: the stunning Danish National Gallery. (Note: photos, videos and audio podcasts to follow in the next few days)

All speakers said that the cultural sector was fundemental to a global response to climate change.

Finn Andersen (President, European National Institutes of Culture &… Continue

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British Council Climate Champions - cartoons / comics

The BC Climate Champions are a lovely bunch of young people - some are doing incredibly inspiring projects (see: Goris of Indonesian microgeneration project Asgar Muda) and, some are involved on a cultural note, such as the young Indians who perform a dance / theatre show to communicate about climage change.

We're delighted some of the Champions (e.g. the charming… Continue

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Tivoli Gardens: the world's first amusement park powered by wind?

Warning: this post contains Christmas sentimentality

On arriving in Copenhagen this afternoon, I supported the local economy and had my Christmas fix at the same time, by going to the beautiful Tivoli Gardens. What a win-win! Think: hot, traditional gluwein and apple dumplings dipped in jam and icing sugar, traditional Christmas cottages selling pricey Danish designer stuff, ridiculous rollercoasters and serious crowds… Continue

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A New Word Order - how language impacts culture

Yesterday I was delighted to connect with culture|futures member Mik.

Mik's Background is in journalism, music and culture and he worked at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation for several years... He then set up a production company, and armed with a video camera, set about making documentaries. He worked with… Continue

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