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The non-metropolitan as a site of resistance

An essay I wrote about cultural practice and change


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A New Word Order - how language impacts culture

Yesterday I was delighted to connect with culture|futures member Mik.

Mik's Background is in journalism, music and culture and he worked at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation for several years... He then set up a production company, and armed with a video camera, set about making documentaries. He worked with… Continue

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Expanding spiral of engagement

An 'expanding spiral of engagement' is the image which describes how Culture|Futtres works - and its working. In just a few weeks ever more people are getting engaged and involved. The launch and seminar next week are just the begining ...

Watch this space

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Papers on culture + policy + climate change

An interesting paper on the role of culture in climate change policy making:

"The role of culture in climate change policy making: Appealing to universal motivators to address a universal crisis" by Judy M. Ford - download the PDF here.

A University College London report for the UK Government Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS):

"Full… Continue

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Some links for information about COP 15

These links came via Jessica from Carbon Rationing, so thank you!

- The official Danish COP15 site, in English

- SourceWatch is a free encyclopedia of people, issues, and groups shaping the public agenda

- the… Continue

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Hi Juhi,

Thanks for the invitation to join CultureFutures.

Follow this link to our presentation on The Theatres Trust's Ecovenue Project given at Greening Your Theatre on 23 October with Green Tourism at Arcola Theatre.

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Thoughts on arts and sustainability...

It's a contentious area, and I only really know of Bill McKibben who has really grappled with the subject - through two articles he wrote for Grist Magazine (one from 2005 and his follow up in 2009 called "Four years after my pleading essay, climate art is hot!").

His enthusiasm for all artists out there who are tackling climate change through their work is infectious,… Continue

Added by mmjj, RSA Arts & Ecology intern on December 1, 2009 at 11:41 — No Comments

Welcome to CultureFutures!

Hi All

I am very excited to be part of the Culture Futures 2009 Delivery Team! I am supporting CultureFutures by managing the sustainability of our Copenhagen events (at a very high level as we don't have a huge amount of time) and by starting various social media conversations...

Join us in Copenhagen in person by visiting our website.

Or if you're being sustainable by not travelling but would like to… Continue

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Translate page here

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