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C|F comes of age - our first spammer!

Hi All - Season's Greetings!

Apologies if you received a message from "Rose" that offered you eternal love / riches beyond your wildest dreams. Sadly, rose was all thorns so we had to let him / her go. Banned. Please do let me know if you spot any other bad behaviour.

Thanks, and hear's to a wonderful 2010!

- Juhi

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The cultural dimensions of sustainability

Seasons Greetings. Here is a link to Creative Cities News covering some of the cultural dimensions of sustainability -

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Hear what BSkyB CEO Jeremy Darroch has to say about sustainability

This 5 minute podcast from Ethical Corporation shows how major media company BSkyB is embedding sustainability into its practices and how it is using its brand to help young people with learning difficulties. CEO Jeremy Darroch doesn't even mention BSkyB's new studios, Harlequin 1, designed by my friends… Continue

Added by Juhi Shareef on December 23, 2009 at 10:30 — No Comments

Inhabitat interview: A COP15 Arts Wrap-up with Patricia Watts

See this inhabitat ("green design will save the world") interview with ecoartspace founder Patricia Watts

Click here for interview.

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Changing culture amongst medical practitioners

"How should the climate-health crisis change the role of doctors? What can medical practitioners do now to protect those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change? Can clinicians be advocates for action on climate change with their patients, and how is this best managed?"

Added by Paul Fitzpatrick on December 18, 2009 at 1:08 — No Comments

China conference on sustainable urban development

See the China Europa Forum for info.

Programme here

...It's a shame it's not a virtual conference - I can't see any mention of it being run sustainably!

Added by Juhi Shareef on December 16, 2009 at 10:00 — No Comments

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with BMW Group: COP 15 public symposium "Where do we go from here?"

Extract from: Where do we go from here? Networked_Performance Blog

On the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15), the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with BMW Group, invites the public to an open symposium comprising international names in the fields of architecture, design, contemporary art and technology. The… Continue

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FutureEverything event and conference 2010

The FutureEverything event and conference in Manchester is accepting proposals for artists' projects and conference presentations. The event runs from12-15 May 2010. Deadline for submissions is 15 January 2010. More information and details of themes, tickets from

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Artists' residencies in Liverpool

The A Foundation is providing artists residencies spaces in Liverpool in association with Saatchi gallery. Start March 2010 for two months with stipend of £500 per month. Information and application details from

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Neutralizing your carbon footprint. What trustworthy projects/systems to support ?

My organisation has just decided to make all transportation by the board and the employees carbon neutral.
We are looking for trustable ways to do this (e.g. buying rainforest, supporting renewable energyprojects etc).
Does anyone have an overview over and knowledge about this ?



Added by jens lysdal on December 9, 2009 at 23:40 — 2 Comments


1mile2 is an innovative arts and ecology project that links communities across the world. It engages people in an investigation of their local 'square mile' to build awareness of the environment so that they can take responsibility and stewardship for the places in which they live. Ultimately, it seeks to empower people to change behaviour towards more sustainable ways of living.

People learn by doing, not by being told. 1mile2 involves people in practical explorations of their… Continue

Added by Will White on December 9, 2009 at 17:06 — No Comments

from the Radiator Factory Youth Arts Centre/The World Wide Words Festival in Denmark


Dear Culture Futures friends,

Just a couple of words of response to the many thought-provoking interventions that Culture Futures Seminar presented.

The words are in the form of both information and invitation, and emphasise areas which I believe are of the utmost importance with regard to Culture Futures, and bring together the following: networks, youth, socio-artistic work and environmental responsibility.

Best wishes and many… Continue

Added by Peter Campbell Bensted on December 9, 2009 at 16:14 — No Comments

Here are some ways to follow with the Asia-Europe Foundation is doing:

The Asia-Europe Foundation ( has initiated a joint reflection process in the cultural sectors in Asia and Europe on the vision of the sector with regard to involvement in issues of environmental sustainability. The reflection process cultminated in meetings in Copenhagen during the UN climate negotiations in December 2009 and result in a Discussion Paper on the subject (to be published in electronic format in 2010).

Arts, Culture and… Continue

Added by Katelijn Verstraete on December 8, 2009 at 7:05 — 1 Comment

Creative Calls to Action

For the past several hours I have been combing through the web looking for coverage of today's opening sessions of COP15. What I am finding are images that inspire action. From still to moving, artists are calling the world to action to create an Ecological Age. See for yourself...

Please help the world: COP15 Opening Film

The film brought me to tears as I watched children speak out in their… Continue

Added by Amy Kweskin on December 8, 2009 at 1:30 — No Comments

Highlights of first day at culture|futures 09 - "Not [just] works of art, but art that works"

Here are some highlights from a fantastic and positive first day, venue: the stunning Danish National Gallery. (Note: photos, videos and audio podcasts to follow in the next few days)

All speakers said that the cultural sector was fundemental to a global response to climate change.

Finn Andersen (President, European National Institutes of Culture &… Continue

Added by Juhi Shareef on December 8, 2009 at 0:00 — 4 Comments

Energized Through the Internet

Although I am across the planet in San Francisco, I feel directly connected to the CultureFutures convening in Copenhagen through the power of the Internet. Both Juhi Shareef and Martin Farrell contacted me through Skype to share highlights from today's gathering. The ideas were powerful but even more inspiring was the positive energy conveyed by my two colleagues. Clearly the community that is spontaneously evolving amongst the delegates touched them. But even more exciting is that they could… Continue

Added by Amy Kweskin on December 7, 2009 at 23:51 — 1 Comment

British Council Climate Champions - cartoons / comics

The BC Climate Champions are a lovely bunch of young people - some are doing incredibly inspiring projects (see: Goris of Indonesian microgeneration project Asgar Muda) and, some are involved on a cultural note, such as the young Indians who perform a dance / theatre show to communicate about climage change.

We're delighted some of the Champions (e.g. the charming… Continue

Added by Juhi Shareef on December 6, 2009 at 22:30 — No Comments

Tivoli Gardens: the world's first amusement park powered by wind?

Warning: this post contains Christmas sentimentality

On arriving in Copenhagen this afternoon, I supported the local economy and had my Christmas fix at the same time, by going to the beautiful Tivoli Gardens. What a win-win! Think: hot, traditional gluwein and apple dumplings dipped in jam and icing sugar, traditional Christmas cottages selling pricey Danish designer stuff, ridiculous rollercoasters and serious crowds… Continue

Added by Juhi Shareef on December 5, 2009 at 23:30 — 1 Comment

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