These Community Guidelines are here to help you appreciate what it means to be a Culture|Futures member.

Remember that your use of this networking site is for Culture|Futures and is subject to these Community Guidelines. Breach of any of these guidelines may result in you being banned from the site.


Be Professional and Friendly

Let’s be nice to each other – kind and respectful at all times. Abusive or nasty language will be dealt with promptly and appropriately.


Be Honest

Let’s keep it real. (For example, note your sources so fellow members can find them.) We need your real identity and your real location.


Be Inspired

Be innovative. Think about what it is you have to say, get informed so you can spread inspiring and creative ideas that are well-founded. Culture|Futures is an opportunity to change and change can be exciting and rewarding.


Child's Play

Think about what you would show a child when you’re composing your profile – and keep it clean.


Don’t abuse this site

Commercial advertisements are not allowed.



While Culture|Futures have taken every care in collecting and preparing the information for this network, Culture|Futures does not assume liability and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for loss of damage caused by errors or omission in the Culture|Futures network information.

Culture|Futures reserves the right to edit the information received for inclusion in the Culture|Futures network  if it is deemed inappropriate.


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