Steve Rust has posted this article on the recent US Environmental Media Association extensive list of how to incorporate green sustainable ideas/images into the heart of mainstream filmmaking.


I have copied the first part of the article below and its a simple and clever way to start sending our sustainable messages through the most powerful media we have. Those in film and video production interested in sustainability from all parts of the world could begin also to make some of these subtle changes in the creation  of their film productions.


Full article  here


A Prescription for EcoCinema?
2011 September 21
by srust

The Environmental Media Association has prepared an extensive list of ways for filmmakers to incorporate green aesthetics into their productions. Should we as scholars endorse such a list, critique it, point out how it bolsters capitalist hegemony? Lots to mull over.


EMA Green Guidelines: Greening Plotlines & Characters Energize Environmentalism with “Eco Inside”!

Got green? By blending environmental messaging into your characters’ lives, you can help lift awareness and incite action. Characters’ behaviors and actions, however subtle, can have a positive effect on audiences. From large plot points – the happy couple that opt for a ‘green’ wedding – to the simplicity of including a recycling bin in the family kitchen or a character driving a hybrid, the integration of ‘eco inside’ is subliminal messaging at its most heartfelt.

How to put ‘eco inside’ your plot:

When it comes to green messaging, EMA knows what resonates. Listed below are suggestions for Character Actions at home, at the office and in school with a corresponding Prop Master Green Shopping List to help streamline the process.

At HOME, characters can:

  1. Put items into recycling bins – newspaper, cans, plastics, glass, junk mail
  2. Come back from grocery shopping carrying a canvas bag
  3. Drive hybrids or alternative fuel vehicles
  4. Turn off lights when leaving the room
  5. Walk or ride a bike for errands, to school or parties; or carpool
  6. Donate old household items to charities, shelters, schools etc. Full article  here

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